How Does the Drug Testing Process Work?

Drug and alcohol testing must be completed by a trusted provider. Most drug testing is done at a local collection site, where a hair or urine sample is obtained and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Some organizations have their own on-site collection lab. Affordable On-Sites offers a unique program of on-site testing as […]

What if I Get a False Positive or Abnormal Test Result?

Wait? My drug test said I was positive for WHAT? Accidents happen and, while it doesn’t happen often, false positive results for a drug use test may occur. That’s why at Affordable On-Sites Drug Testing Services all positive results are extensively re-confirmed by our Medical Review Officer (MRO) to ensure there is not a false […]

Implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Affordable On-Sites Drug Testing Services, working with The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides excellent resources for workplaces wanting to implement and maintain an occupational drug testing program.* As a business owner, your priority is managing costs and maximizing profits.  An occupational drug testing program for your company is an easy, cost-effective […]